< Seoul Stop Over >
What is the Seoul Stopover Package?

Seoul Stopover Package is available to most customers traveling to other countries via Seoul on Asiana Airlines or Korean Air for at least overnight at Seoul. However the following passengers are not eligible:

*Passengers who have a group ticket.
*Passengers using an airline STPC (Stopover on a Company Account) Program.

After making a hotel reservation at the Seoul Stopover Internet site, a package of special benefits, including a hotel discount, free limousine bus ride, free city bus tour, discounts at major restaurants, free admission to tourist attractions and discounts for performance tickets will be provided.

< Seoul Stopover Package includes >
*Great prices at good hotels in central area
*Free round-trip KAL Limousine Bus tickets between Incheon international airport and hotel
*Free 1-day pass of Seoul City Tour Bus
*Special discounts on from dining to tourist attractions

< Benefits >
Free of Charge

1 day Seoul City Tour Bus (KRW10,000)

  Round- trip KAL Limousine Bus between hotel and airport (KRW28,000)
  Admission to Seoul Museum of History
  Admission to Seoul Museum of Art
  Casino tokens at the Seven Luck Casino (KRW10,000)
Special discount

Luxurious hotels downtown: Up to 50%

  Restaurants: 10-15%
  Performances: 30-50%
  Admission fees for tourist attractions: 10-50%
Advantages of Seoul Stopover
  Easy-to-use online reservation system

The entire process of hotel reservation, payment, program selection and printing of coupons and vouchers can be done online, providing convenient access to any user. (Seoul Stopover Internet site: www.seoulstopover.com)
< How to book >

Firstly, log in to Seoul Stopover Website at www.seoulstopover.com
STEP 1 Input information as seen on your airline ticket and Proceed with approval process
STEP 2-1 Select check-in/out date and others
STEP 2-2 Select designated hotel among the list
STEP 3-1 Approval accompanying person¡¯s authorization
STEP 3-2 Input personal information
STEP 4-1 Select coupons among the list and complete reservation
STEP 4-2 Review your reservation and make payment
STEP 5 Print out hotel vouchers and other coupons

Minimum time for booking request

Booking request for hotel will not be accepted less than 10 days prior to the check-in date.

Payment deadline

Online payment must be completed in 7 days after reservation or getting a hotel confirmation from us, otherwise it will be cancelled automatically.

Handling agents of Seoul Stopover Package in Korea

There are two exclusive agencies as stated below and you should contact one of them depending on which airline your customer is using.

Hanjin Travel handles passengers only on Korean Air.
Eastwest Travel handles passengers only on Asiana Airlines.

How to join Travel Agency

The button of ¡°Agncy Login¡± is above blue bar in main page of the web-site.
Click on ¡°Agency Login¡± => Click on ¡°Join Travel Agency¡± => Complete the Registration Form & Join an Agency

Agency Commission Claim

Hanjin Travel gives a commission USD10 per room per night to our agency member.

The commission can be claimed online when the sum reaches at U$200 (Button of "Application to Remittance" will appear when it reaches at U$200 in the website) and wire transfer charge will be covered by Hanjin Travel.


If there are any changes to your hotel check-in date or amendments to the number of rooms, just send us your change by email with your reference number.


Cancellations directly to the hotel have no validity. It a mandatory to make cancellations through emailing to us and cancellations need to be made during agency working hours (Mondays through Fridays, from 9 am to 6 pm).

Any charges incurred in the process of cancellation or change must be paid by the person who is cancelling or changing

The following charges will apply in the event of cancellation prior to check-in date.
* 3 or more days prior to hotel check-in date : No charge
* 1~2 days prior to hotel check-in date : 50% charge of the first night accommodation
* No show or on that day : 100% charge of the first night accommodation


Problems affecting passports and/or visa are the sole responsibility of the customer.


The refund is not available for any unused portion of the discount travel voucher. Discount and complimentary benefits are also non-transferable. For credit redemptions, the terms of the individual credit card company apply.


Travel and airline agencies, together with affiliated programs related to the tour are not responsible for any damage, injury, accident, delay, change of date, over-booking of hotel and other issues caused by irresponsible and/or careless behavior.

The main travel agency and airlines also do not assume the responsibility for any law enforcement abuse, war, domestic conflict and/or natural disasters. Transportation companies and hotels are exempted from any matters of delay, damage, injury, accident and/or disease.

Relations Act

This regulation agreement was made under the contract of the main travel agencies (East West Travel Service, Hanjin Travel), all affiliated hotels and partnership airlines, and is governed by the laws as dictated by the Republic of Korea.

Seoul Stopover reservation service is provided by Hanjin Travel, a business partner of Korean Air. All claims must be directed to Hanjin Travel, which assumes responsibility for customer claims.

< Details on Seoul Stopover Package >
Hotel reservation
  7 accommodations are joining with this package now, but further accommodation will be added.
* Room rate is based on per room(single/double/twin) per night
* Service charge(10%) plus tax(1%) are inclusive
* If an extra bed is needed, there will be an additional charge.
* Joining hotels
Deluxe - Lotte Hotel Seoul / Millennium Hilton Seoul
Superior - Ramada Suites & Hotel / Ramada Seoul Hotel / Novotel Ambassador Gangnam
Serviced Resident - Fraser Place Central Seoul / Artnouveau City

*Present rate is valid from January 1st, 2008 to February, 2012(Valid period may different depending on the hotel.)
*Package rate excludes breakfast, otherwise specified.
Room type
  SGL : 1 Single-size bed
DBL : 1 Double-size bed
TWN : 2 Single-size bed
TRP : 2 Single-size bed or 1 Double-size bed + 1 extra bed
Hotel Check-In and Out Time
  Hotel Check-In time is between 12pm and 3pm and check-out regulations vary depending on which hotel you stay at. Checkout time is normally before 12am.

A hotel surcharge will be applied when you check-in before 12pm or checkout after 12am. Therefore, make sure to take such policies into account.
Free KAL Limousine Bus between airport and hotel
  Exchange your KAL Limousine coupons into boarding tickets at KAL Limousine Bus Booth at Incheon Int¡¯l Airport, located between exit # 4 and #5.

* Buses run every 15min~ 20min from 5 am to 10 pm.
* Bus stop : 4B / 11A
* KAL Limousine Bus has 4 lines and hotels joining Seoul Stopover Program are on the following lines.
LINE 1 : Lotte Seoul / Koreana Hotel
LINE 2 : Seoul Garden / Millennium Hilton Seoul / Ramada Suites & Hotel
Free Seoul City Tour Bus
  Exchange your coupon into boarding ticket at Seoul City Tour Bus Ticket Booth near Dong-A Duty Free Shop before taking the bus.
There are 2 kinds of courses (Downtown/Night), but this coupons for 1 day free bus tour is only available at Downtown Course.
*1 day free Seoul City Tour Bus ticket allows you to hop on Seoul City Tour Bus for Downtown course
*The first bus leaves at 9am from Gwanghwamun Station (near Dong A Duty Free Shop) and operates every 30 minutes.
* The last bus of the day leaves at 7pm for downtown course
* Get off at whichever stop you choose and board the next bus at the same stop after sightseeing.
* The bus tours do not operate on Mondays. If a national holiday falls on a Monday, the bus will be in service.
Special discounts on from dining to tourist attractions

You can receive discounts with your printed coupon. You do not need to exchange for another ticket to receive a discount.

Discount coupons for restaurants & 3 palaces(Deoksu, Gyeongbokg, Changgyeong) need to be printed out online in advance and present it to the restaurants/palaces. Other discount coupons are attached on the Seoul City Tour Bus boarding ticket.


Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attractions


Discount Benefits

Seoul Museum of History 700 won Free
Presseum 3,000 won 20%
Ilmin Museum of Art - 20%
Seodaemun Prison History Hal 1,500 won 20%
Seoul Museum of Art 700 won Free
Seven Luck Casino at Hilton Hotel - 10,000 won-in free chips
National Museum of Korea 2,000 won 25~50%
War Memorial of Korea 3,000 won 30%
Funique House 8,000 won 10%
N Seoul Tower Observation Deck 5,000 won 10%
Daelim Contemporary Art Museum 4,000 won 50%
Lotte World 34,000 won 10%
63 Building 7,000 won 15%


Performance Halls


Discount Benefits

Sejong Center of the Performing Arts   30%
Jeongdong Theater
(Traditional Korean Performance Stage)
20,000 won 20%
Nanta Theater   10%
Korea House (Performance) 50,000 won 10%
National Theater of Korea   20%
Samcheonggak (Performance)   5%

Royal palaces of Korea

Royal palaces


Discount Benefits

Deoksu Palace Deoksu Palace 1,000 won 50%
Gyeongbok Palace 3,000 won 50%
Changgyeong Palace 1,000 won 50%
Discounts available with coupons that you can print out from the Seoul Stopover Internet site



Discount benefits

Sinanchon 10%
Sinanchon (Gwanghwamun Branch) 10% for less than 30,000 won, 
15% for over 30,000 won
more than 15%
Gangseo Myeonok 10%
Gogung(Myeong-dong Branch) 10%
Goryeo Samgyetang 10%
Nampo Myeonok 10%
La Cantina 10%
Xingkai (Chinese) 10% (VAT not included)
Iki Iki (Japanese) 10% (VAT not included)
Mezza Luna 10% (VAT not included)
Buck Mulligans 10% (VAT not included)
Outback Steakhouse (Chungmuro Branch) 10%
Outback Steakhouse (Seosomun Branch) 10%
Bennigan¡¯s 10%